Cakewalk / SONAR 2017.10 アップデートの新機能


月初恒例、Cakewalk / SONARのアップデートを紹介します。今回は2017.10アップデートですね。。


TH3 に新アンプ・モデルが追加

Overloudのアンプ・シミュレーター・プラグインの特別版、TH3 Cakewalkに新モデル「Overange 120」が追加になっています。モデル名からも分かる通り、OrangeのOR120をベースにしたアンプ・モデル。フル・バージョンのTH 3から移植されたモデルですね

また、組み合わせ用のキャビネットとして「 2×12 British State (UK)」も追加されています。

実際に弾いてみましたが、チリっとする高域だったり中々良く出来てる! という印象です。シングルPUで弾くと気持ち良いです!


Big Fish Audio Loop Library

ループ集やサンプリング素材でお馴染みのBig Fish社のループ素材が追加されています。Big Fishは個人的にアーバン〜ヒップホップ系のイメージが強いのですが、その膨大な製品の中から人気のある6ラインアップからサンプルを抜粋。合計5.3GB分のサンプルをライブラリーに追加することができます。


  • Cinematic
    • Eclipse 2 (500 MB)
    • Suspense – Cinematic Percussion and Soundbeds (367MB)
  • Country
    • Country Roots (166 MB)
    • Modern Country (438 MB)
    • Neo Folk (265 MB)
    • Steel and Wood (218 MB)
  • Electro
    • Electro Club (200 MB)
    • Prism (590 MB)
    • Progressive House Hits 235 (MB)
  • Rock and Pop Rock
    • Rock N Indie Songwriter (614 MB)
    • The Rock Collective (601 MB)
  • Urban
    • Hit Life (508 MB)
    • Purple Drizzle XXL (337 MB)
    • Shake – Trap Construction Kits (135 MB)
    • Trap Bangerz (164 MB)


この5ジャンル単位に「Loop Collectrion」として、Command Centerから好きなものだけダウンロードできる形式になっています。


30th Anniversary Anderton Collection FX Chains

今月もきましたCakewalk 30周年企画モノ。今回はAnderton Collection FX Chains。






Control Bar

  • Selection Module no longer selects nothing in some situations
  • Selection Module fails to update as expected in some cases
  • Snap setting “Measure” not working When Snap Module set to Small


  • Creating Repetitions of SIT with Duplicate Track yields unexpected results
  • Undoing a Duplicate Track did not undo completely in some situations
  • Duplicate Track no longer causes external MIDI inputs to transpose unexpectedly


  • Touching Time Ruler no longer unexpectedly selects all Tracks
  • Double Tap with Touch now works as expected to reset a control
  • Selecting tracks is now possible with Touch
  • Selecting a time range on ruler in TV with Touch now works as expected

Track View

  • CTRL Drag Copy always pastes automation
  • Clicking a Bus Name should set it to be focused
  • Inconsistent composite clip display when take lanes are open
  • Split Tool didn’t always split grouped clips in take lanes
  • Split Tool didn’t create desired selection groups
  • Transport jumps to end of clip after punch in recording
  • Parameter values in tooltip while dragging multiple envelope nodes works more predictably

Start Screen

  • Save dialog is sometimes captured in project thumbnails
  • Snap/Aim Assist does not show in TV Bus Pane
  • SONAR no longer requires project name dialog when creating project from Start Screen


  • Resolved a crash that could occur when incorrectly trying to map a VST2 to VST3 plug-in

Surface Dial

  • Improved horizontal scrolling in Staff View
  • Improved scrolling in Step Sequencer
  • Surface Dial failed to zoom properly in some views


  • Nudge in the Piano Roll view could cause notes to disappear unexpectedly in some situations (FIXED AFTER EARLY ACCESS)
  • Edit Filters showed incorrect parameter name after renaming an FX Chain or one of its controls
  • FX Chains no longer appear available in Recent FX List within FX Chain
  • Recent FX list now works in Clip FX Bin
  • Recent FX list now works FX Chains
  • Replace Synth now works properly from the Synth Rack menu when picking a recent synth
  • Loop Construction View failed to scroll with wheel
  • TH3 Full version could incorrectly assign automation or FX Chain parameters when upgrading from TH3 Cakewalk